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Project Stages

   Getting Started
    Hull Construction

   Masting and Rigging

   > Building the masts
   > Standing rigging
   > Making the sails

   Into the Water


 About the project

The buntlines collapse the sail like rolling up a shade.  A buntline (4 - 8 for each sail) starts on the after side of the yard (continued below)

(1) and drops down to an eyelet in the bottom edge of the sail (2).  After coming out of the eylet on the forward surface of the sail (3), it goes up to a block (4) on the yard and then up to a block on the mast (5) and then down to the 'deck'.  All the buntlines for one sail will be tied together so that only one line goes down to the deck and needs to be handled.  When it is pulled the sail collapses up against the yard.  The sheets do the opposite - they spread the sail open so that it can catch the wind.  A sheet (2 for each sail) attaches to the lower corners of the sail (A), pass through rollers near the end of the yard (B), to blocks in the center and on the bottom of the yard (C) and then down to the deck.  

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