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Project Stages

   Getting Started
    Hull Construction

   Masting and Rigging

   > Building the masts
   > Standing rigging
   > Making the sails

   Into the Water


 About the project

We're starting the rigging with the fore topmast shrouds because they can easily be done in the shop.  The deadeyes are attached to the brass rods (futtock shrouds) with threads and epoxy metal glue.  This is not authentic but it is easy.  Whether we have achieved the necessary strength will be seen after the glue dries!  The six futtock shrouds are attached to the mast with a worm gear clamp (aka radiator hose clamp).  This method of attaching things to the spars results in minimal damage to the spars since there are no holes, grooves or cuts made in the wood. Therefore if, for any reason, this method does not work out we can still move to other methods.

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