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Project Stages

   Getting Started

   Hull Construction

   > Building the Form

   > Planking

   > Fiberglass

   > Fitting the Frames

   > Lower Deck

   > Ballast Test

   > Main Deck & Finishing

   Masting and Rigging

   Into the Water


 About the project

The first step in framing is to make the keel (outside the hull) and the keelson (inside the hull). Both these pieces will be laminated from ordinary ¾” pine using epoxy glue. The strongback, originally used to support the forms for the hull, is used to ensure that the keel is straight. The strongback will be used again when the masts are made. The six wedges also ensure that the keel will be straight. The contraption on the blue tarp will be used to clamp the laminations together while the glue dries.

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