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Project Stages

   Getting Started

   Hull Construction

   > Building the Form

   > Planking

   > Fiberglass

   > Fitting the Frames

   > Lower Deck

   > Ballast Test

   > Main Deck & Finishing

   Masting and Rigging

   Into the Water


 About the project

The outside of the hull needs to be cleaned up so that any irregularities between the planks are smoothed as well as all the excess glue has to be removed. Both of these are accomplished mainly using the 10” bench plane shown. The plane is used rather than a belt sander not so much for speed but cleanliness. The plane produces easy to cleanup shavings that don’t get in your nose or mouth. Before the plane could be used, all the screws holding the planks to the forms were removed. At this point, every place that the plane can reach has been done.

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