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Project Stages

   Getting Started

   Hull Construction

   > Building the Form

   > Planking

   > Fiberglass

   > Fitting the Frames

   > Lower Deck

   > Ballast Test

   > Main Deck & Finishing

   Masting and Rigging

   Into the Water


 About the project

With the final coat of epoxy applied we can take stock of how much epoxy we’ve used so far: 9 gallons of coating, 2 ¼ gallons of filleting compound (there’s over 400’ of fillets), 1 ½ gallons of glue and 3 quarts of fairing compound. I should admit, though, that I’ve used the coating on 7 doors in the house also – they are the prettiest doors we’ve ever had. Lots of grain, tough and very shiny. Oh! Let’s not forget the 1 ¼ gallons of polyurethane glue also.

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