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Project Stages

   Getting Started

   Hull Construction

   > Building the Form

   > Planking

   > Fiberglass

   > Fitting the Frames

   > Lower Deck

   > Ballast Test

   > Main Deck & Finishing

   Masting and Rigging

   Into the Water


 About the project

Six of the lower deck beams are installed. These are glued to the frames. Unlike the main deck beams there is no camber here – they are all dead straight. In addition, there is no sheer curve to the lower deck – it is straight. You can also see the weep holes in the frames that permit water to flow fore and aft. This is probably a good time to mention that the entire volume below the lower deck (with a notable exception that will become clear shortly) will be completely flooded with water to provide the ballast weight that Little Leon needs to sail properly.

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