Leon was the original ship, built in Norway in 1880, builder unknown

Modeling plan was taken from the book by H.A. Underhill, "Plank-on-frame models," (1968). Brown, Son and Ferguson, Ltd., Glasgow

A copier that could make the full size plans was used at Kinko’s

Ship Design Software used was MultiSurf, developed by AeroHydro, Inc., Southwest Harbor, Maine

Quickstrip planking is produced by BoatCraft in Australia

Most of my power tools are made by Ryobi with one notable exception –
a 3-D sander by Sears was very useful

Nate McKenzie, my son and a naval architect, helped me think out a number of issues during the planning

A simple method for tilting the hull from side to side was conceived by Pat’s brother, Rick Rak

Silvertip Epoxy products are made by System Three, Washington

Pictures were taken by Doug or Pat McKenzie

Website was developed by Pat McKenzie


Hull was launched at Cranberry Lake in October 2006
Sailed with fore-aft sails in ....2007? or early 2008
Sailed with square sails in 2008