Delaware River



Swartwood Lake, Newton NJ
September 6, 2009

Doug's sister, Leslie and her partner, Joyce, came out with Doug and Pat to sail on Swartswood Lake in Newton, NJ over Labor Day weekend. The day was gorgeous, not quite enough wind - and not quite enough water. The shallow boat ramp had us pushing off from the dock with only some of our ballast - an unsteady take-off. We spent a few hours on the lake and talked to a lot of the boats on the lake who came over to take a closer look at Little Leon.

We had some trouble getting back to that too-shallow ramp. We emptied the ballast while still away from shore, and so had to work around that unsteady tipping from being so light. Then, we lost the motor to some seaweed tangling the propeller. We used the paddles to get back, and fortunately had some help from people on the dock to help us get some kind of stability.

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A gorgeous day

new crew

Doug at the helm

All aboard


Pat takes
the helm

Looking up
at the sails


Delaware River, Philadelphia, PA
May 25, 2009

Doug's friend John came out with Doug and Pat to sail on the Delaware River near the Ben Franklin Bridge on the Saturday before Memorial Day. Our plan was to launch from Golden Hill and sail with the floodtide up to the boat Gazela, which was undergoing repairs at a dock near the Ben Franklin Bridge. Then, we planned to come back with the ebbtide. Our timing was off somewhat, but the electric motor helped when needed.

The pictures are courtesy of Matt & Joanne Kress. Their boat is the last picture in this group.

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At the Ben
Franklin Bridge

meet battleship New Jersey

Flying by

Full sails

Full sails
different angle

USS United

Photo Boat