This website documents the progress in building the Little Leon, a boat that is approximately modeled after the Leon.

Little Leon is the fulfillment of Doug McKenzie's life long dream – to make a model of a square rigger that can actually be sailed!

Little Leon moved from Doug in NJ USA to John Lumley in KS USA in 2012 The story continues

The Leon, built in 1880...
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... and Little Leon today
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This video(on YouTube) documents the first square sail test, 2007

Selecting Leon

Little Leon is based on the Leon, an 1880, Norwegian-built brigantine. The photo of the Leon (abover left) appears in "Plank-on-Frame Models" by Harold Underhill (Brown, Son and Ferguson, Glasgow, 1968)

Scaling the Model

Little Leon is not an accurate model – she has been simplified to make construction easy, and modified to make sailing at the smaller scale comfortable.

Visually - shel looks like Leon!

At the same time, when she was finished, Little Leon gabe the right visual impression when sailing.